Selection of trainees despite ban on attendance

Despite travel bans and the recommendation to completely avoid attendance events, business does not stand still. Against this background, Schweizerische Bundesbahn (SBB) was faced with the question at the beginning of 2020 of how to recruit trainees with the same quality as before.

Integration Online Case Study into Development Center

How to shorten a development center from two days to one day without reducing its quality? Also our client asked itself that question. With our Online Case Study, we provided the answer to that question.

Up-to-date online tests for prehire selection

Like other large organizations, our client has the challenge to present itself as an attractive employer. Online-Testing is seen as part of the “Candidate “Experience”.

Low effort – high effect: Attraction of sales drivers

In mid-2019, Bofrost took up the challenge: to develop sales drivers in the direction of a specialist career, without discouraging them with time-consuming and overly demanding tests.

Digital, paperless Assessment Center in insurance company

Our client, one of the world’s largest insurance companies, conducts selection assessments, development centers and AC´s at various subgroups and levels. The personal impression gained through interviews and case studies within the framework of an AC / DC multi-method will continue to be used. At the same time, the requirement was to replace the previously time-consuming manual process of preparation and execution with a digital variant.

Personality and motivation tests for senior management

In addition to interviews and case studies, the fit of the personality to the requirements of a senior management position should also be examined: integrity, emotional stability, motivational structure, ability to work in a team

Selection of engineers and IT specialists via online tests

Especially for the highly competitive target group of engineers and IT specialists, a valid assessment of competencies is needed. Brooklynmaxx has suitable online tests.

Potential Indicators for emerging leaders

To ensure the selection of the most qualified candidates (with regard to leadership potential) out of a high numbers of applications, our „Leadership Potential Assessment“ was used.