Up-to-date online tests for prehire selection

Flexible Use of Tests

As leading automobile club in Germany our client faces – like other large organizations – the challenge to present itself as an attractive employer. Online-Testing is seen as part of the “Candidate “Experience”. While using the Online Tests of Brooklynmaxx, the HR business partner decides at what level in the hiring process he or she would make use of the tests: Either as a pre-selection tool before the initial personal contact or after the interviewing to validate the assessment.


Modern Challenges instead of traditional Reasoning Test

Brooklynmaxx features Online-Tests which do not come across as traditional intelligence items (turning tubes, columns of abstract numbers). All test items include challenges which represent tasks of the daily work in most of organizations:  Checking business tables, evaluating graphs, reading E-mails. Towards the participant ADAC position the items as “analyzing task” or “challenge”. This attracts many more interesting hires.

The ADAC HR business partner has access to a portal which allows to forward links to the candidates and to manage the assessment results.