Sales Assessment

With our Sales Assessment, you will receive the appropriate support when selecting personnel for your sales. In the role of a sales consultant, your applicants encounter a realistic working environment in which several small tasks have to be mastered. This challenge enables a corresponding variety of behavior of the candidates to be mapped so that you get a comprehensive insight into the skills of your potential employees.



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CUSTOMIZING – Individual configuration/ modification of the contents (e.g. integration of challenges, conflicts and tasks regarding the target position)

Shortening/ Replacing the Live-AC – well-founded statements concerning the qualification of the candidate regarding seven competences

Qualitative evaluation by a trained consultant

Provision of a feedback report incl. Management Summary and qualitative evaluation of the behavior

The Sales AC in detail

Differentiated sales assessment with quality and depth

Our Sales assessment differs from classic test formats, which each suffer from the problem of socially desirable answers. In most cases the answer format is: “Which of the four decision alternatives would you choose?

In our BMXX Sales Assessment, the participants are asked to take part in a realistic sales setting: As a sales consultant, they are given different challenges over the course of 90 minutes: Inquiries from customers come in via e-mail or video. Here it is important to listen carefully, to compile the right information for an offer from the documents (“fact sheets”) provided. Then it is necessary to write a video message, a sales presentation or an e-mail to the customer in a form that is appropriate in terms of content and language. Time is running out, because there are many other tasks waiting.

During the 90 minutes, the participants write various video messages and e-mails. These are then evaluated qualitatively and according to a checklist: How careful were the answers? Did he or she listen properly? How diligently are the various lists processed? In the end, a differentiated picture emerges regarding, among other things, diligence / perseverance, communication in written and oral messages, customer orientation and conscientiousness in the working style.

Sales Assessment message
Request from a potential customer
Service Portfolio
Service portfolio for the creation of sales presentations

Sales leads, sales targets, CRM system, customer inquiries...

The sales assessment depicts the diversity of a sales job. In total, there are 14 tasks and seven so-called fact sheets with background information to be processed.  The tasks include a list of target customers: How active does the participant become, what is his strategy and which target customers does he specifically address? There is a list of sales leads: How many of the potential customers are addressed in the time available? Is there only one e-mail contact or does the participant dare to write a personal video message?

For leadership tasks, there is a somewhat more complex variant with the “online assessment” and “virtual assessment” with additional leadership challenges.

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