Personality Questionnaire

The OB6 is a personality questionnaire that collects information about personality traits relevant to job success.
Its aim is to gain insights into whether and how the applicant’s individual personality dimensions match the requirements of the specific target position.


  • This personality questionnaire focuses on characteristics that are relevant to job success, but are difficult to identify interviews
  • In addition to the classic Big 5, the dimension integrity is also measured
  • AC-specific norms for different target groups
  • Consequent professional relevance regarding the formulation of the questions, the assessment of norms and the validation strategy
  • Validation and comparison norms are linked to assessment centers (instead of e.g. students)
  • Transparency for participants and decision makers by displaying the individual outliers for each scale
  • Test platform with extensive functionalities
  • High standards concerning data protection
  • Company specific layout possible
Personality questionnaire: Extract of the result report
Persönlichkeitsfragebogen: Auszug des Ergebnisberichts


The questions are presented in a written form and consist of 96 self-statements of the participant. The participant indicates on a 4-level rating scale how strongly the statements apply to him.

Personality questionnaire: sample task
Persönlichkeitsfragebogen Aufgabe