Virtual Assessment Center

The virtual Assessment Center is based on the multi-method approach. The combination of three approaches allows more accuracy in predicting success as well as in assessing strengths and areas requiring development.


  • Time required: 4.5 hours for the participant | 3 hours for the assessors
  • Multi-method approach: Combination of three approaches
  • Using the combination of five valid modules a reliable result is produced, which in terms of output and quality is comparable to a live assessment center.
  • Languages: German, English


Visibility for participants from small locations, identification of interesting potentials

Savings in travel costs while maintaining quality

Flexibility & speed, time and place independent realization

No minimum number of participants

Maximum standardization

The virtual AC in detail

Time schedule / overview of modules:

  1. Competence-based biographical interview
  2. Pre-Work | 1+6+3
  3. Online Assessment |Modeling of real requirement situations
  4. Qualitative evaluation of the participant responses
  5. Feedback talk via video on management summary & development recommendations

Combination of different approaches

Methodik virtuelles Assessment Center


Option 1: Structured biographical video-interview

  • Location-independent realization of the interviews in the context of a video conference
  • Creating a positive relationship-level through direct contact
  • It is possible to ask follow-up questions
  • Use of a structured biographical interview guide, thus maximizing the prognostic validity

Option 2: Asynchronous video-interview

  • Location- and time-independent evaluation of the recorded participant answers with the help of an IT tool
  • Possibility to gain an authentic impression of the candidates´ personality and appearance
  • Format: The candidate is shown an interview question (biographical/situational). The candidate records his answer with a video tool, this will be evaluated by different observers using standardized criteria.
Video Interview Beispielauswertung
Video Interview Beispielauswertung

Advantages compared to a ‘classic’ (online) interview:

  • The option to evaluate psychophysiological parameters (face-reader)
  • Flexibility in time and space
  • Reduction of the ‘Time to Hire’


The basic potential of a person to take on a leadership role consists of the following 1 + 6 + 3 = 9 characteristics. These characteristics are stable or difficult to change.

1 | Cognitive performance

Successful leaders are characterized by their ability to quickly and accurately analyze complex situations that are new to them.

6 | Six dimensions of personality

Successful managers have high levels regarding the following dimensions of personality: perception of stress, dominance, learning agility, social compatibility, self-discipline and integrity. Within the dimensions of personality, some facets are more strongly related to leadership success than others.

3 | Three basic motives

Successful managers have a low affiliation motive, an accentuated performance motive and a strong power motive. The approach components of these motives are strongly, and the avoidance components are weakly developed.



  • Complex business scenario – 90 minutes process time
  • Participant works on a total of 16 cases in the form of e-mails and video messages (e.g. business figures, team conflicts, customer complaints)
  • Increase in complexity through a variety of fact sheets (project plans, organization charts, project documentations, etc.)
  • Open response format: no artificial restriction of behavioral diversity: the candidate must respond using video messages and freely formulated e-mails
  • High-quality results through innovative open response format


  • Modification of the content towards the target organization: “One day in the life of …“
  • Evaluation of psychophysiological parameters (face-reader)
Teilnehmer nimmt Videonachricht auf
Teilnehmer nimmt Videonachricht auf


  • Qualitative evaluation using a checklist by specialized assessors (variant: joint evaluation with HR business partner or executive observer)
  • Extensive report with detailed documentation for each exercise, management summary & development recommendations (about 15 pages)
  • Feedback talk via video