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Digitisation is progressing steadily and is now also a part of personnel selection. In order to face this global development and to meet the continuously increasing demand for innovative and new testing procedures, Prof. Dr. Christof Obermann founded the start-up company “BROOKLYNMAXX” at the beginning of 2018.

Brooklynmaxx combines high-quality diagnostics & IT competence, delivers substantial statements on an applicant’s potential and suitability and simultaneously creates an attractive and unique candidate experience. The procedures guarantee both exciting and practical content for the applicants such as profound statements on the fit and suitability of the respective candidates.

Newly developed test procedures aim to differentiate themselves from superficial questionnaires and monotonous cognitive performance tests and to digitize the analysis of potential.

All use-cases provide the option of customizing: we develop tailor-made solutions that reflect one-to-one your individual requirements and wishes.

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Prof. Dr. Christof Obermann

Prof. Dr. Christof Obermann – graduate psychologist specializing in diagnostics and occupational and organizational psychology. Studies and doctorate at the Universities of Mannheim, Berkeley and Bochum. For more than twenty years Prof. Dr. Obermann specialized in the field of management diagnostics and management audits. Before founding his own Company he was partner and member of the management of Kienbaum Personalberatung. Since 2009 he has been professor at the University of Applied Science Cologne, where he has established the degree course in business psychology. Certified according to DIN 33430.

History: Brooklynmaxx – a Spin-Off of Obermann Consulting GmbH

Brooklynmaxx has to be considered as an independent unit of Obermann Consulting GmbH. Historically, our experience contains Management Audit, Assessment Center and Development Center.
Due to our long-standing presence on the market, we have built up a broad background of experience in various organizations (corporations, public organizations, SMEs), through which we benefit in the customization of our digital solutions.

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Scientific foundation through professorship at the University of Applied Science Cologne

As the Head of the Department of Business Psychology at the Rheinischen Fachhochschule Köln (University of Applied Science), Prof. Dr. Obermann is also involved in the latest research projects and thus ensures a scientific basis for the online test procedures. The networking with the University of Applied Science Cologne signalizes our claim to foundation and depth. Structure and repeatability are important to us. This is also reflected in our publications and in the fact that we drive many topics in the industry.

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