Digital, paperless assessment center in insurance company

Digitalization in Assessment

Our client is the world’s largest insurance company and, after Forbes, also the world’s largest financial group.

Selection assessments, development centers and AC´s are conducted at various subgroups and levels. The personal impression gained through interviews and case studies within the framework of an AC / DC multi-method will continue to be used. At the same time, the requirement was to replace the previously time-consuming manual process of preparation and execution with a digital variant.


Easy Handling of AC-App with Tablet

Brooklynmaxx' Assessment Center App

Brooklynmaxx offers the AC-App, which allows a completely paperless preparation and execution of potential and selection procedures in the AC manner. This starts with the digital creation of schedules for observers and participants. The participants then carry out the AC via their end device (laptop or Ipad): They enter evaluation scores and comments, and the facilitators automatically receive information about evaluation differences that are too large. At the end, the results are automatically merged for the Observer Conference. As a result, traditional AC and DC can be carried out more flexibly, with less personnel effort and without paper battles. The app has a large variability for the different AC variants, e.g. scales used or competencies. Observer training also takes place digitally and online.