Integration Online Case Study into Development Center

Efficient Assessment Design

As worldwide largest chemistry company, our client is permanently confronted with the challenge to identify those employees who fit best for taking over a leadership role. In this context, our mother company Obermann Consulting regularly conducts ‚Emerging Leader Development Center‘. In ordert o realize a cost efficient / shortened DC-design, our Online Case Study has been implemented.

All participants receive a link to the Online Case Study in advance to allow for a completion independent from location and time. Thereby, on the assessment day valuable time can be saved.

Validity Study

The competencies assessed in the Online Case Study (Mastering Complexity, Analytical Skills, Driving Business, Leadership and Customer Orientation) have been translated into the accordant own competencies (such as Driving Business and Act with Entrepreneurial Drive).

The evaluation of the results shows – as assumed – correlations between the Online Case Study and the single DC-modules / -competencies.

The overall result of the Online Case Study is even significantly related to the overall DC result (r=.575, p=.003). Thus, it can be conclusively stated that the result of the Online Case Study fits well into the overall Development Center serving as a valid assessment tool.


Online Case Study as outsourced AC module