Personality and motivation tests for senior management

Initial situation

Assessment processes are in place at all management levels to prevent silo careers and ensure the minimum quality of staffing from the Group’s point of view.

Within this process, competencies such as empowerment, commercial leadership, strategic thinking, entrepreneurship and role model for change are examined. In the context of an online pre-assessment, necessary personality requirements are now also checked. Based on the competence model of the Group there is a matching to the personality factors.


Highly accepted tests - test items and comparison group suitable for senior management

Brooklynmaxx provides modern personality tests for this purpose. The OJM checks the fit of the professional motive structure, which would be relatively difficult to detect through interviews or case studies. For example, the expression of fear and avoidance tendencies is assessed. A special feature is that the item content and the comparison norm are aligned to the first and second management levels in corporations. In the second inventory, OB6, the essential personality factors are examined according to the Big Five Model plus integrity. We check the personality prerequisites for behaviors that stood out in the assessment process, e.g. emotional stability, the ability to cooperate or modesty, become transparent. In this way, we check whether a mismatch to the competency model can be reduced by personnel development measures or whether the cause lies in the personality.