OCM – Questionnaire Of The Professional Motivation Structure

Brooklynmaxx GmbH recommends to integrate a standardized questionnaire to measure motivation into Assessment as well as Development Centers.



The questionnaire identifies the individual manifestations regarding fifteen work-related motivations: Power motivation, recognition motivation, affiliation motivation, status motivation, financial motivation, promotion motivation, competition motivation, success motivation, failure motivation, change motivation, task motivation, business motivation, growth motivation, contact motivation and altruistic motivation.

Quality criteria of the test

Significant correlation with superiors’ evaluation of the candidate, more specifically performance motivation, innovation orientation and willingness to learn/ improve. Ask for more information (e.g. extensive manual, abstract and more) using the following email address: info@brooklynmaxx.com.

Questionnaire Of The Professional Motivation Structure

Response format

The candidate answers the 150 (self-) statements in written form and evaluates how accurate the statements are regarding him-/ herself. The rating scale consists of four levels between which the candidate has to choose by marking the accurate level with a cross. (Duration: 30 minutes)