• Process time: 70 minutes
  • Number of items: 4 x 10 = 40
  • Response options: 40 x 4 = 160
  • Criteria for evaluation: Mastering Complexity, Analytical Skills, Customer Orientation, Driving Business, Leadership
  • Evaluation: Overall performance on a scale that consists of five levels, individual results
  • Languages: English, German


We provide and manage the links for the Online Case Study (ENG, DE)

CUSTOMIZING – Individual configuration / modification of the contents (e.g. integration of challenges, conflicts and tasks regarding the target position)

Shortening the Live-AC – outsourcing of individual elements of Assessment or Development Centers

Pre-assessment for Assessment or Development Centers

Provision of a detailed feedback report

The Online Case Study in detail

Demanding Business Stimulation

The innovative Online Case Study combines the advantages of the situational judgement test and the cognitive tests by appointing the candidate as the Head of Office of the imaginary consulting agency “Brooklynmaxx Consulting” with an introduction video. Within 70 minutes the candidate has to deal with 10 Emails and video messages which include four tasks each. The tasks are situations and problems which get brought to an executive’s attention daily and across sectors: Customer requests and complaints, conflicts between colleagues, outcome of benchmarks and economic facts and figures. After a few minutes a new email or video message, which the candidate has to deal with, will appear.

E-Mail Inbox mit 10 E-Mail und Video-Messages
E-Mail Inbox mit 10 E-Mail und Video-Messages

Complex business charts for the editing of tasks​

Online-Case-Study Beispielaufgabe
Online-Case-Study Beispielaufgabe
Online Case Study

Altogether, the candidate has to work on 40 items and has to choose the best and the worst answer out of the four multiple choice response options.

An example would be an email from the candidate’s boss: “The office benchmarking showed that the agency lost a lot of projects to the competition. According to the numbers what are suitable and unsuitable measures to boost our business?”. To answer this question many tables have to be analyzed appropriately. The Online Case Study makes a valid and reliable measurement of competences with five dimensions possible: Mastering Complexity, Analytical Skills, Customer Orientation, Driving Business and Leadership. Every competence is covered by 8 items in order to reduce coincidences.

In contrast to the Case Study and the In-Basket, which are written tasks on paper, the evaluation for the Online Case Study is objective and ensured by the standard norms (relevant for graduates/ young professionals and existing executives). An objective statement regarding the candidate’s performance is ensured by the evaluation of the results in comparison with a broad norm sample.

Answers per multiple choice 123 Automatic creation of the feedback report

The computerized conduction reduces the administrative work to a minimum and enables the candidate to work on the Case Study independently of time and location. The Online Case Study is perceived as more interesting and motivating/ animating than classic intelligence tests because of its business orientation in combination with tasks which are close to reality.

The fields of utilization are diverse: Preselection of trainees, young professionals and soon to be executives for recruiting procedures; Reduction of live-process-time and acceleration into a Pre-Assessment for the AC/ DC of internal high potential employees and job candidates.

Regarding the validity the Online Case Study is on the same level as the standard AC-tasks. The studies of validity identified a high correlation of up to 0.736 concerning the prediction of results in a three-day Development Center or potential analysis.

Online-Case-Study Ergebnisbericht
Online-Case-Study Ergebnisbericht