OCP - Personality Questionnaire

Reliable and standardized questionnaire for a self-evaluation of every relevant competence, which are observed during an Assessment Center. This questionnaire was invented especially for potential analyses and Assessment Centers. It was subject to different validity examinations.


  • Job-related utilization for people in commerce and public administration
  • Assessment-Center-specific standards for executive personnel
  • In addition to evaluation of the behavior, examination of the candidate’s personality structure in the Assessment Center


The questionnaire identifies the individual manifestations regarding thirteen work-related personality traits: action orientation, detail orientation, willingness to take risks, empathy, tactical orientation, contact orientation, conflict orientation, team orientation, leadership motivation, self-confidence, emotional stability, optimism and willingness to change.

Quality criteria of the test

  • High internal consistency throughout the 13 scales.
  • Reliability of profile r = 0.65
  • Validation through observers’ assessment and test procedures during the Assessment Center

Response format

The candidate answers the 156 (self-) statements in written form and evaluates how accurate the statements are regarding him-/ herself. The rating scale consists of four levels between which the candidate has to choose by marking the accurate level with a cross. (Duration: 30 minutes)

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