Big 5 Personality

New, standardized, time economic questionnaire for self-evaluation – originating from the scientific Big Five Personality Theory.
The questionnaire was created especially for potential analysis procedures and assessment centers. It was subject to different validity examinations.


The big five economy questionnaire involves the five factors neuroticism (susceptibility to stress, pessimistic perception of the future, concerned attitude – negative correlation to workload and success concerning leading positions), extraversion (sociability, cordiality & assertiveness), openness to experience (to change, creative ideas & complex coherencies), agreeableness (trusting others, social affability & willingness to cooperate/ help) and conscientiousness (tidiness, motivation for achievements & discipline – positive correlation with executive position).




It takes the candidate up to 15 minutes to distribute five points for three different adjectives which characterize the style of working or more specifically the appearance in working situations. An informative and clear profile is guaranteed by an automatic evaluation of the results. This enables us to make suggestions regarding the candidate him-/ herself and for his/ her perfect work environment.