CTC-V – Cologne Test of Cognitive Competency (verbal)

With the Cologne test for cognitive competence – verbal (CTC-V) we have a test procedure at hand which allows the evaluation of the candidate’s ability to deal with complex material and identify relevant information from it within a short time frame. In the modern world, this is a very important factor for success.


  • Evaluation of the verbal analytical skills
  • High level of acceptance because of its economic tasks (comprehension and interpretation of business-related emails)
  • AC-specific norm-referenced testing (executives, graduates, trainees)
  • Good integration into the organizational procedure
  • Available online or on paper


The CTC-V expects the candidate to understand given information of emails and choose the right answer out of four possibilities under time pressure.


The candidate has to analyze complex business-related texts and come to conclusions within a short time frame.

Quality criteria of the test

  • Cronbach’s Alpha: 0.74
  • High degree of selectivity of the items (average): 0.32
  • High validation regarding Assessment-Center and classic intelligence tests
Beispielaufgabe KTK-V
Multiple-Choice Antwortformat KTK-V